[Important Announcement] WFC Removed from Coinbene

1, CoinBene will remove the trading pairs: WFC/BTC at 13 June, 2019 (GMT+8). 2, The deposit function of WFC has been shut off already.WFC withdrawals will reopen between July 6-July 20.Users should move WFC tokens to other platforms by July 20, 2019 15:00 (GMT + 8). From that point onward, we can not support WFC deposits and transactions in Coinbene. 3. If you have ever made a consignment order, you must cancel the operation by 11:00 (GMT + 8) on July 6, 2019. If the order is not canceled, the system will automatically cancel it. https://www.coinbene.com/#/notice/detail/2271?group=true In addition, trading with “DMW EXCHANGE” will be possible from mid-July.  

Feb 14. 2019

In some media, it is reported that the World Friendship Coin is related to the fraud case of Texsear Japan Holdings. However, WFC has nothing to do with the incident.

Dec.27, 2018

【Wallet acceptance start only for WFC holders】 We accepted WALLET application for WFC holders. We will inform you as soon as information necessary for application is entered.

Dec.10, 2018

【WFC distribution】 Originally we announced that we would distribute WFC to Triple Dice Exchange, but we decided to distribute them to CoinZentral because the system was not ready in time . It will be distributed in turn from mid-November.